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#InsightOfTheDay : India’s twenty-one public sector banks account for 70% of all savings and 80% of all bad loans within the Indian banking system. These figures are not only horrifying, but also highlight the deep-rooted problems and sureshot loopholes in the lending mechanisms which were smartly plugged-in by some corporates and businesses.

Demonetisation did the next harm on the already-in-pain banking system. GST and other regulatory policies brought almost everything to a halt in the short-to-mid term. As a result, depositors not only have been handed lower returns for their savings but the banks too have actually dried out of acceptable currency.

Current situation is: there are no jobs, tight budgets, stagnant returns on investments, lack of capital, underperforming business units, low demand, plus an uncertain future. Map it with regional, national, international developments.. and you are just screwed.

Among many key factors to a country’s economic growth, banks and financial institutions play a pivotal, and according to me, an almost central role other than government policies. You and I, at the end of the day, need money to keep daily lives going, even if we only count basic necessities of food, clothes and shelter. After all, what all can you do without money or currency? Even oxygen is not free, try to think why?

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