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A businessman in San Antonio, Texas purposely built world’s first ultra-accessible theme park for his specially-abled daughter. Spread in 25-acre land, owners have spent $35 million (INR 216 crore) on it to date. Park currently operates at a loss, losing $1 million annually and largely survive on donations and fundraising.

Meet Gordon and Maggie Hartman, owners of Morgan’s Wonderlands whose daughter, Morgan, today is 23 with a brain of a 5-year-old kid. The idea first came up during a family trip, when other children shun Hartman’s daughter near a pool party. Gordon even sold his successful home-building business to establish a charity foundation in hope of better helping children and adults with special needs.

Since its first launch in spring 2010, more than 10 lakh people from 67 countries have visited it. Even one-third of its staff are people with special needs. The family recently launched world’s first ultra-accessible water park, named Morgan’s Inspiration Island. People with disability gets free entry here, while admission fee for others are nominal.

Build on the principle of inclusion, Gordon Hartman says: “Morgan’s Wonderland is a special place where anyone can have fun but it was created with special-needs individuals in mind. It’s just like any other theme park except for the added benefit of a culture and environment that assures 100 percent enjoyment by everyone.”
That’s such an inspiring take towards adversity and making this world a little more better. I wish to visit it one day with my own eyes, and you?

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