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Today’s topic – Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Both sound similar and almost give experience of something ‘real’ which actually isn’t. In fact, both of these provide view of non-existence or non-real things either by #superimposed or #immersive or technology. However, they are still different.

Virtual Reality (left-side pic) through a gadget takes you into an environment while putting your contact with the real world turned off. On the other hand, Augmented Reality (right-side pic) gives objects a life through a gadget into the real world alongside you.

Both are nothing but a technology, use a gadget mostly a wearable, and provide vision of something that practically doesn’t exist in the moment. Most importantly, nothing of it is magic but smart coding in the gadget. Though you would feel compelled to believe the otherwise.

Applications of AR-VR are more interesting and important rather than plain technology understanding. Imagine, if tomorrow your car is going to tell you how to change the engine oil (read AR). Or, if you put that annoying neighbor’s pic in a simulated video game enemy while playing an arcade game (read VR). Just imagine what all you can do other than hurting shouting neighbours for real, of course. Haha!

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