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A Brain-dead mother in Contenda, Brazil was kept alive for 123 days to ensure the safe delivery of her then nine-week-old twins. It’s the longest in the medical history when a human is put on life support systems for such a long time.

21-year-old mother Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha died during pregnancy in October last year after suffering a stroke, which doctors diagnosed as a cerebral haemorrhage.

Initially, after examining the woman, doctors decided to wait for three days so infants could die as their mother shut down but to everyone’s surprise, Frankielen’s organs kept on working. An ultrasound further confirmed babies’ fight to survive.

From there, a team of 20 professionals including doctors and therapists worked on a 24-hour intensive care schedule, gave music therapy to the babies in the womb, decorated the ICU cabin and successfully delivered patient’s twins to life in the seventh month of pregnancy. A physician from Portugal was also consulted for help, given this doctor’s previous experience with a similar case earlier.

Muriel Padilha, the father of twins, is a farmer and described the birth of his twins – named Asaph and Anna Vitoria – a miracle. The babies are now home, being taken care by their maternal grandmother, Angela Silva, with father back to work to keep the family going — sadly with just the memories of the mother.

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