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#WorldPopulationDay #RiseOfUnemployedLabor #ThinkAgain

India is home to 17% of world’s population on 2.4% of world’s land where each state’s head count is the size of a country in itself. The #diversity of #India is applaudable but a large chunk of citizens bring-in different challenges – from #food, #safety and basic #medicalservices to #finance, #hygiene and #shelter. And that requires a huge #ecosystem to work together, efficiently, all the time; which is not possible, not even in an ideal world.

Use your conscience, and think of that ‘big picture’ version for self and your partner before bringing your children to life. It breaks my heart reading stories in newspapers where mother/father or a couple commit suicide due to financial problems, leaving their kids behind in good faith.

It wasn’t those #kids at fault, but You. They didn’t knock in your face, You chose them in the first place. Then how come the same You believe that they’ll be just fine now that you’re all gone; that money would stop mattering now; that others will take care of them; that the same bloody kids will lead a prosperous life; that their #future will be all fine. How dare You even think now and not then?

If it’s not for you or your partner, care to ponder for your future kids and invest in #familyplanning. An entire generation will thank-you for being oh-so-wise. Good luck with your family goals.

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