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I was only a school kid when I was introduced to Harry Potter first. Brother bought a dubbed movie and I was totally taken aback, on a good note, ever since that day. Those picturesque locations, magic school, kids in a castle with their #wands; you got the kid in me flying to a newer heights, JK #Rowling.

Little did I knew about you then but totally welcomed in #Potter and his world into mine. It immersed quite quickly, and I absolutely adore watching it; even today when people around tell me I’m no longer a kid to watch such stuff. Perhaps they don’t know what it means to have some magic and live into it. Maybe they were never alone but how unlikely!

Through you and Harry, I find a solace in my life’s chaos. That it’s okay to have problems in life. That it’s fine to be pissed off sometimes. That you’ll keep on losing people but could keep ’em alive in memories. That nothing matters but what’s already there in this moment. That power of now is more than just time. That family is most important to a kid’s wellbeing but magic could heal if need to be. That power is a brutal force but wisdom is more important. That #magic can be so damn real and lasting. That even if you’re hurt, alone and got no one to talk, you’ll ultimately find someone.

Like #Dumbledore as a mentor cum guardian. Like #Ron and #Hermione as friends for life. Like #Sirius as a secret well-wisher. Like #Snape as a blessing in disguise. An entire second family in Mr & Mrs #Weasly’s. I too found some of those but only to lose ’em all in the end. Maybe I lacked my wand, or maybe it didn’t choose me in the first place.

Thank You for being so much in a short amount of time; For touching my life without even meeting at all; For all the magical spells, I bet some use it for real. And most importantly, for making me believe there are others, just like me who may have been through the same.

Some of us needed this magic, and we needed someone like us to create this. YOU did it, so beautifully. Together we may share darkness over our heads but with wands in our hands that lit, dim and slow.

Thank You, Joanne. I owe it you. ❤⚡ Much love, and #Hogwarts magic.

– Me / #TheDigitalSavvy

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