New post by Mon on June 14, 2017 at 03:29PM

#WorldBloodDonorDay #GiftOfLife #ThinkAgain

You don’t need to be awesome to be a hero. Some everyday heroics are as simple as being kind, passing a smile, helping the needy or donating blood.

I mean how fascinating the whole idea is really! Just a small amount can save someone’s life, for real. In fact, every pint of blood donated can save more than 3 lives!

One only needs to be 18 years old and medically fit to do it. Since blood cannot be manufactured, collecting it via donation is a good viable solution.

If you can, I encourage you to be someone’s hero today. According to your present location, you may choose to gift someone their life back by donating your blood.

And if you are in India, I would personally recommend you to check this page, named “I Can Save Life”; just google it. It is run by a group of volunteers and they regularly share details of blood requirements on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ in order to help donors and patients in emergencies.

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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