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Tip 12: Co-Promote with others in your niche.

Asking other bloggers or relevant websites to #copromote your content is a proven strategy. It gives you new reach, expand your article’s audience base and bring in new traffic with, hopefully, more followers/subscribers. #FingersCrossed.

Though before you implement it, make it a habit to credit those who work for you. Writers feel good when you acknowledge ’em properly i.e. giving some liberty in #byline, mentions on brand’s social media channels and allowing at least one link to their personal blog/website in the #authorbio.

I have worked as a writer before, and didn’t like it when my work got published as anonymous (well, that was their company policy; whom can you blame then?). But I still have a name, of course.

The point is, give before you get. When you mention author of an article on Twitter, chances are s/he will retweet it on their handle. Likewise, if you find #influencers sharing your blog post, reshare it. This is internet-way of building relationships, getting noticed and meeting people while not moving at all.

And yes, it works. 100% of the time. Over time, as a writer, you may gain long-term followers; even friends. I did.

For brands, this exercise builds credibility, provides social-proof, opens new guest writing opportunities, and hopefully advertising money – if applicable.

However, you need to be fair in your words and actions here. And I can’t emphasize enough the importance of #relevancy for such strategies to work. Don’t bore your audience. Once they’re gone, they are (literally) gone. Like for real.

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