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Tip 11: Add e-newsletter to your marketing mix.

If you have a blog and you don’t do newsletter, heck why do you blog even?! Huh, #TellMeWhy!

I hate to break it but you are missing-A-LOT. People love having email #subscriptions from websites/blogs they adore. I do, very much. I may not read all of them, everyday. But I still invite them in my #inbox. Because they are *that* awesome.

Sure, it’s another skill-set, and you may need an expert. You are right. But you can start small now and scale later. It’s easy. There are many #ESP services you could use. See what works best for you.

On doing the heavy lifting:
Start with a weekly/bi-weekly edition or choose monthly if you are so short on time. Make #signup easy. Clearly state your email usage policy. Throw in some #personaliztion. Provide unsubscribe option in mailers. Add branding. Bang! you’re doing newsletter for your brand.

You may find yourself clueless at first. But #inspiration is always a step away. Check out your own mailbox and see what your favorite brand is doing. Do some google search and read what others find inspiring.

And hey..
Do your homework properly, subscribe the ones you find noteworthy but hey, don’t copy ’em. It’s not cool. Rather #observe and see how you can make yours better.

Your brand is unique, just like everyone else’s. Help it stand on its own two feet. Or test-rinse-repeat to give it a bone. Gradually, you will grow a muscle or two, and can hire a subject-matter-expert to take it to the next level.

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