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Tip 10: Promote blog to a targeted audience.

No, it’s not a #niche group on social media. Neither your usual newsletter.

It is a group of people who maybe your past customers, current leads, important clients, stakeholders and beta testers or focus group users. Your purpose here is to keep in touch with these folks and nurture your past/present relationship for a better future (of all involved!). And you can do it at ease by a simple email. Yes, #notkidding.

If you are in #B2B, this point alone decide the fate of your brand. For #B2C, a good focus here + some shoutout on social media will do.

It’s imperative as a business to acknowledge those who have been part of your #brandjourney. It adds to your brand, makes it more humane, and you gain respect from others. People are more likely to help those whom they can trust and feel appreciated from in return.

So, how can you rock at it?

– Be relevant.
– Use crisp and concise language.
– Your subject line should be enticing enough for the magic to do the trick.
– Personalize your message in a way that it seems like you are talking to them, in-person.
– Acknowledge ’em for choosing you over your competitors.
– And don’t forget to tell why you are writing *this* email and what the *next* likely update will be from you. It adds, keeps the continuity. Though you may skip the latter.

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