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#InternationalChildrensDay #ChildhoodUnplugged #ThinkAgain

If you believe teen-age defines one’s growth as an individual, understand that childhood serves as a foundation base. It’s a collective responsibility of parents and society to make it strong.

Even though I had a mixed childhood as a toddler and kid, the then negative experiences are still quite fresh in my memory. An abused childhood hovers on your mind for a long, long time; so much so to ruin or disturb your adolescence and adult life.

Humans crave for experiences, it’s in the #DNA. Be empathetic and understandable with others, especially to childrens. They yet to learn the hardships of life and reality. Let ’em live in their fantasies and dream world; they’ll get over it when the time comes.

The absolute one thing you need right for a better life is nothing but a prosperous childhood. Once you’ve all grown up, you will miss it, adore it, regret it, remember it, and would like to re-live it, over and over again.

(Pic by @diamirzaofficial, Artist Ambassador of @savethechildren)

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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