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Tip 9: Promote blog in your email signature.

Again, might sound like the-great-tip-you-have-been-missing, but no, it’s not that. Trust me.

I understand: it is tempting to include social media links, latest blog post, press release AND the newest #YouTube video in your #email #signature. It’s new (+ awesome), people should know it. Fine, great. So what?! Restrain that urge, and ask yourself – “Why should I do it? Will it help my recipient? If not, who will be the likely audience for it? Where to find them?”, etc.

Occupying other’s mailbox because you have new things happening at your end is a bad gesture. Don’t you find it annoying when daily follow-up with some #coworkers over emails ends like: “… Best, my-awesome-name with mobile-email-etc-that-you-already-definitely-know.” #SorryNotSorry

And oh, I haven’t yet mentioned those unnecessary attachments in name of <our important website> + <branded social media channels>. We beg, do click; these emails have tracking codes, my click-rates are bad. HELP! PLEASE! #GoDieIWont, period.


– Clip out all your imp signature and save your daily email recipients’ life. They will throw you free hugs (and booze if you like).
– Be mindful of your promotional stuff while emailing someone for the first time. Don’t eat up their email storage capacity (and save yourself bad blessings).
– Write a separate email if the content is so very important for others to see.
– Be as specific as you can in your e-sig. And don’t mislead too.
– Change it based on your recipient.
– Use text and only text as hyperlinks. People will notice if they want to.


Do NOT add further images to your emails in name of company logo, etc. so that it stands out. It does not stand out; plus, counts as an #attachment (and makes me pull my hair out because I cannot yell at you for being my uninvited, not-so-temporary guest! :/ I use gmail, bro!).

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