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Tip 8: Outreach via social listening.

Helping someone in trouble might sound good, but NOT all take it in a positive way. Specially, when you try to suggest your own brand/company as a solution.

Yes, yes, self-promotion isn’t THAT BAD but what PROOF would you provide for your genuineness? I’ve received those *promotional solutions*; never liked any of them. Why? B’coz of the language of the message.

Saying “allow us to suggest “, “nice work. contact us for “, “read my post on “, etc. isn’t good UNLESS someone clearly mentions “suggest me/ make recommendations.” In fact, it’s annoying randomly selecting someone and say, “Oh! Here is my best pick for your problem. Try, you will love it”. Like, seriously?! What makes you believe this random person will even trust you in the first place?

Practice caution when you become the #facilitator to solve your TG’ problems via #sociallistening. Be mindful of your message. And ALWAYS look for #context first. Even though this person may not have heard about you, but a first negative experience with your brand and it’ll be in memory for a long, long time. Can your brand afford such loss – ask yourself. It’s fine having one less customer; it’s a big no-no creating one more hater.

Instead, reach out to them via #socialadvertising, given if your #marketingbudget allows you so. If they believe your product can help, they’ll choose you. But for God’s sake, stop being pushy.


Acknowledge those who mention you on social, respond, have a conversation. When *random people* see you make hero out of your brand lovers, they’ll notice. Your stalking solutions then, and only then, won’t be (so) intrusive. Plus, I won’t report you as spam next time; promise. #thanksforwastingmytimenowlearnyourlesson

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