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#WorldNoTobaccoDay #KickThatButt #ThinkAgain

Cigarette or any form of #Tobacco is hazardous, not only to you but those around you. Your dear ones suffer from your #DeadlyAddiction in direct and indirect ways. And the consequences maybe permanent.

Smoking is considered to be more harmful than HIV. If you as a smoker *still* believe smoking is fun and nothing will happen to you since *that person* went on to leave a long life, WAKE UP; you are on a wrong boat that will anyways sink.

Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of over 5,000 identified chemicals, of which 98 are known to have specific toxicological properties. It is pretty much like inhaling CO2, though you will die a #SlowDeath.

More importantly, these recreational drugs adversely impact our environment and accounts for a fair chunk of government funds, says #WHO.

> Tobacco waste contains over 7000 toxic chemicals that poison the environment, including human carcinogens.
> Tobacco waste is the largest type of litter by count globally.
> Cigarette butts account for 30–40% of all items collected in coastal and urban clean-ups.

Smoking WILL cost you.

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