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Tip 7: Outreach via commenting.

Probably the best recipe to be considered either as ‘SPAM’ or ‘always adding more to the content’. Publishers, bloggers understand this very well. Moreover, moderating comments on a traffic-heavy site is tiresome. It takes hell lot of time, and who has time in this #EraOfAutomation.

I rather find sharing great content on social media with own #commentary better than comments on blogs. If this awesome brand is listening, they will acknowledge. If not, a #missedopportunity; their loss again.

And if you are so keen to promote other’s content (+ want to hint future business opportunities with them), write a separate, new article on your blog and mention them wherever relevant based on the topic. They would love you for backlinks, you will win more on building relationship with them, and there will be new content to share on your brand properties. See, suddenly EVERYBODY is happy. #ItsThatSimple.

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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