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Tip 6: Distribute content in relevant communities.

Being part of a community is better than having an audience base. Of course, both have its merits and demerits; are somewhat inter-connected too, I agree. Still, I believe conversation with like-minded people is better than those who *pretend* that they know you.

Find a niche group or create one for your brand. Listen to them, get involved. Over time, make them your go-to source for qualitative analysis, product feedback, service upgrade offers, etc. After all, who would better be able to help you grow as business than people who *actually* want to succeed with you.

Just keep in mind to be generous with these folks. They’ve chosen to invest their precious time in you. Offer them help and above all — be fair. Honesty often goes a long way, and it’s loyalty that it comes with. BOTH ARE crucial for the very success of your brand in the long-term. A #WinWin formula, no?

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