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Tip 5: Repurpose content.

A good blog post doesn’t go old quickly, even if it is written for a time-bound event, campaign or promotional offer. However, writing such #content is no easy task either. Of course, there is a catch. Read on.

Writing ever-green articles requires a different #level of energy, time and topic focus. But if you as a writer have #distinction on the topics you write for, you are never short of promoting the same content n ways, like for forever, for real.

There’s always a good quote from this #influencer to repost; almost every writer on earth has created a #quotable quote, unknowingly, that can be used as copy; and we all are suckers for numbers — just it adds, even if you know readers will anyways ignore it.

Use these *tiny* pieces of #nuggets and create a new social media post every now and then. Share #behindthescene images from event, or #inthemaking video #teasers — they are gold; you won’t believe it until you *really* do it, try! #YesPlease.

And most importantly, write in a way that gives you opportunities to share the same old blog post after days/weeks/months. Be #relevant in your choice of topic though. People can smell when you try hard(er).

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