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Tip 4: Map post copy to your marketing channels.

The concept of throwing the same promotional copy for a #blogpost everywhere on social is so darn boring. It’s like serving you the same food four times a day, 365 days a year; you cannot complain, you (still!) have to eat it and there’s no choice either. Gee! I would rather die.

I beg You, the marketer, for #differentiation. There are reasons we need different foods at different hours of the day and days in a year. Same is true for social media channels. If one is enough, what’s the need of other(s); ask yourself before being the #sameoldsameold.

Instead, try these.

Use nice #hashtags on Instagram;
Provide a conclusive #summary on LinkedIn;
A good #paragraph is awesome for Facebook;
Be #creative on Twitter (read GIFs; everybody loves ’em!);
Focus on #keywords for Pinterest;
Have #fun on Tumblr;
Be honest in your #EmailBlast;
And, avoid Snapchat (well, I am not a fan of it so).

Make it a habit. Start small; copy something from your article and work from there. Over time, you will be mastering this art – you have my words. And, #YouAreWelcome. I get it! 🙂

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