New post by Mon on May 26, 2017 at 02:33PM

Some adventure for you, Ladies & Gentlemen! 😀 #ThisIsInsane #AreYouMad #Adrenaline #RushHour #OneLifeToLive #LiveOnTheEdge #DoItAll

#repost from @ted – How far would you go to surf under the Northern Lights? Photographer Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) and his team set off along the frozen coast of Iceland’s Hornstrandir National Park in search of the perfect waves. Along the way, they encountered the biggest storm to hit Iceland in 25 years, featuring wind speeds over 160mph and buckets of rain and snow. Still, the treacherous trek was worth it for such a breathtaking surf. The footage from the journey appears in Chris’s new documentary, Under an Arctic Sky. “I guess I’m just continually trying to reinvent the way I can see the world,” he says. “I think in the end, as a storyteller — not as a photographer or as a filmmaker, but as a storyteller — we aim to live the stories that we experience.”

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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