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#WorldHypertensionDay #ActYourAge #ThinkAgain

Hypertension is a medical condition. Approximately one-third of our population will suffer from it by 2020. Also, more than 1 in 3 adults aged 25 & above affected by High Blood Pressure worldwide.

Make it a habit to take of your health as you enter into your late 20s. Your body is no longer the same as it was when you were 18, 22 or 25. Watch your food intake, sleep on time, do some sort of exercise for the longevity of your heart, set reminders to drink water, eating fruits and having a quick walk under the Sun; believe me you need it all and your after 30s and 40s will thank you for these little steps, more importantly if you’re a woman.

Our modern is more stressful and less comfortable. We are moving toward bad sitting habits and this is doing no good for us. Ditch your shopping apps once in a while, and go out to buy regular home stuff, like hair oil, soap and shampoos, etc. Take your friend or kids with you and do grocery, if possible go by walking.

There are so many tiny changes you can try now to invest in a better future of yours. See what you can do; something that’s more suitable to your lifestyle.

I personally found my evening walk, random shopping from the local market and taking a walk in the neighborhood for buying snacks helpful. It gives my body necessary stretch, keep my muscles workable and, hopefully, alienate the problems I maybe inviting by long sitting hours in front of my lappy. And oh, I sometimes do yoga and meditation too; though I regret not being regular at that.

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