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#repost from @drivenbywords – Answer to a ♥ quote I read somewhere. ✎ #JustFromMyHeart #Poetry #Monology
You asked Me what was WRONG..
I smiled and said NOTHING !!

When YOU turned around and a TEAR came down,
I whispered to Myself..

“Everything is not as YOU find !!
Turn back and look into My EYES..
Then YOU will KNOW why I LIED !!

Oh..plz come back..
And show ME that SMILE !!
It’s Hard to LIVE without YOU by My SIDE !!
This Life is NOTHING so is My WORLD..
I can’t IMAGINE it without YOU My LOVE !!

Oh..plz come back..
And let the LOVE say !!
The REASON why WE were together since That Day !!

It Really HURTS A Lot,
But YOU will never Know..
Because I Always Say Nothing,
When YOU find ME Low !!”

Full post is available on my blog (#LinkInPic) // Or, search “Poetry by Monika Arora” on your device.

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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