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#BirdDay #HouseSparrow #ChildhoodUnplugged

Although, I shared my childhood with many birds and animals, including cats, dogs, cows, rats, parrots (not all of ’em were my #pets); sparrows are my favorites. And while I do not advocate having any animal and/ or bird as pets, I’m always fascinated by these non-human creatures of #earth.

Do you know that a mother sparrow, especially House Sparrow, ditch her baby birds if they come in contact with humans, even if mistakenly. They fear that it might invite hunters to cage them in, or worse, would cost their lives by being someone else’s food.

And like Men’s, a male House Sparrow also has beard as you can see in this picture (on the right). They live a simple life, alike of how we humans do. Their twittering is very calm and relaxing, and one can enjoy this #birdmusic almost every time of the day except night. They tend to sleep early in the Winters, while Summers means a fine morning alarm around 5am or so.

House Sparrow exists almost every part of the world, and build their nest around human houses. Yes, you may call them your friends from nature. They’re so darn good at adapting to their environment, and would dearly accept food from you should you try to serve them. Just make sure you don’t go too near to their nest or babies, else they’ll have to build a new one or leave their kids behind in good faith.

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy

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