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#WorldMalariaDay #BewareOfThatBite : India reported to have over 80% of all Malaria cases across Asia, I was astonished to read last month how a country about 50x smaller than us has been declared Malaria-free by #WHO last year in September. Sure, it took Sri Lanka time but also proves how a national-level, closely monitored and tight-knit grassroot campaign with community participation can actually be so damn good.

And while we cannot totally rely on government efforts and early results of #MalariaVaccine, maintaining hygiene at homes, streets and locality area is more than possible. Understand that old methods of pest control and DDT no longer works, and standing water anywhere near you is enough to invite a #mosquito.

Studies show how these small stingy insects have adapted to #prevention techniques, and by just being aware can reduce this deadly disease to a greater extent. Use repellent, nets and close the windows and doors whenever possible. Get rid of old stuff doing nothing at your home. Recycle things or dump them properly. Once in a while, clean your garden or lawn area; moist soil is all that attracts insects, leave alone mosquitos.

And if you are very attractive to mosquitos like me, wear full sleeves clothes (especially if you are going out in the evening/ night), clean the area with water where you have been bitten and use a mosquito coil. I have personally found them helpful but again, it’s a repetitive process.

Getting rid of mosquitos is not the solution, we need to focus on their breeding process; that’s where lies a permanent fix. Stop them from being born, and you are good for a little longer. Because hey, tidying places is a continuous process. Hence, Malaria is a complex problem to solve at scale.

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