New post by Mon on April 15, 2017 at 01:56PM

#BackInTime: Today in 1912, the man-made “unsinkable”, “Ship Of Dreams” – Titanic witnessed the last of everything in its maiden voyage after being hit by an iceberg. The creators of the White Star Liner were so confident in its making that a mere number of lifeboats were made available to the ship to combat any emergency. And so was its (ill-)fate that when emergency turned into disaster, the luxurious, 52000 tons heavy passenger ship ate up 1500+ lives, leaving behind a mere 600 or so survivors and found the landing (in pieces) at a depth of 12000 feet in the North Atlantic Ocean.

A good reminder from Mother Nature that nothing human, including inventions, could be stronger, fierce and/ or last forever unless, of course, you’re talking about disasters. Even our own creator (if any in your belief) made us vulnerable and mortal. Tragedies like Titanic’s only display the capabilities and limits of humans’ life; on both positive and negative front. May those who then chose death for others’ life, will always be remembered with a hopeful heart and courageous eyes. Amen!

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