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To the #one (and only) that matters, the #places I never get bored of, and the #city I (truly, humbly believe) belongs to. #DearBombay, you’re all I #love regardless of how harsh you may go in turn or return.

#repost from @ttt_official – Dear Bombay,
Ever since I was a child, I’ve heard people say that they want to travel the world but live in Bombay. “Bombay has a soul that no other place does.”
A 27-year-old reporter now, I wonder what the hell they’re talking about. Your ‘soul’ doesn’t help much when hard facts of rape, murder, riots are in a day’s job.
Your negativity is getting to me. I need a break. I put my papers today.
I have nowhere to be, so I wander. I stop at a tapri for cutting chai & realize my stomach is rumbling. I walk to Prithvi. As usual, the place is brimming with actors hoping to be discovered.
Fools, I scoff, they come chasing stars to a place where you can barely see them.
As I head out, a family of five whirrs by on a scooter. I roll my eyes.
I go to the beach, hoping the breeze helps clear my head.
The winds play with my hair & the waves kiss the hem of my dress. I kick off my shoes & let my toes get sandy.
In the distance, children down plates of chaat & Moms don’t protest. Young lovers stroll hand-in-hand, eyes shining with the promise of forever. Friends sneakily sip beers, celebrating a promotion, maybe. Or trying to forget a pink slip.
The family on the scooter is here too, right next to me. The kids build sandcastles & the husband tells an overjoyed wife how they’re ready to get a car on EMI now.
The sky is clear. The waves, soothing. I smile.
The stars may let us down. But the sea? It understands.
I sit there for a long time, contemplating the sights, sounds & smells.
In just a few hours of quitting, I discover stories that I never knew. Or maybe, never bothered to.
You crush thousands of dreams every day & allow twice as many to be born. For every terrorist, hundreds open doors to strangers. For every corrupt officer, there are people distributing tea & biscuits in the rain.
I know now why I’d never recognized your true spirit. I was looking for it on a TV screen.
If only, I’d opened a window.

-palak kapadia

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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