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#LetsTalk #Depression #WorldHealthDay

Human mind is both a boon and a bane. As complex as it is, our thoughts and emotions are part of who we are, where we live, and how we see the world around us. While happiness can be contagious, sadness often goes longer and a little deeper. It’s hardwired in us, stop blaming yourself.

Instead, help others. The gesture of freeing someone from pain is very relieving. It works as an antidote to negative sentiments. If you can, please empathize with people suffering from depression. They don’t need your sympathy, or that you are concerned. Talk random things, listen to them, offer solutions. But don’t you say you understand it.

Living with an illness is always challenging. And when that disease stays in your mind, it’s you who are in control of it; not otherwise. Suicide is always a given for depressed people. If you find a strange behaviour in your dear ones, be wary. Even if they refused to seek your help, yell at you, hurt you.. just stick to them. They want you to help them, even without telling you what exactly it is that is troubling them and why.

I have personally experienced it quite early in my life; have lost people to suicide; and understood a little late that they were expecting help but none showed up. Depression is nasty, absolute lack of colours that normal people would describe as ‘Just Life’s Disappointments’. It’s a hollowing experience that prefers silence over words. Understand that being sad is just the beginning, and self-harm could be the final result. Don’t ever underestimate how horrible the mind can be!

Reach out to someone today who is stressed lately for whatever the reason being, have a conversation and appreciate life; it is unfair, accept it. You indeed can make a difference. You only need to show up AND stay!

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