New post by Mon on February 25, 2017 at 09:48PM

New #home, or new #species? #space #science #newdiscovery #hope #life

#repost from @aravisdolmenna – when scientists send a probe out into the depths of space, you cant help feeling that it is like casting a hook into an ocean and hoping you will pull up a treasure chest, or digging a hole at random in order to discover the secrets of the past, but out it went hurtling further and further into the unknown, and then, this week we learn that it has found a whole new solar system. Far far away 39 light years from earth, burns a small cool sun named Trappist 1, and orbiting it are seven earth sized planets, they are close together as if huddled for warmth, at the perfect distance from their little sun to mean that the surface temperature could sustain water in its liquid form. the magic formula for life. who knows what these strange distant worlds are like, or who they might be home too, but I suspect that as time passes these worlds, at present just known by numbers, may become as well known to us as those named for the old gods, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune (et al) who dance around our own blazing sun 🌕🌎🌑💫🌞🌑🌏🌕 🌍🌏

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy


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