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To be; or not to be. #notetoself

#repost from @ttt_official : Dear Voice In My Head,

I beg you to break the shield of confusion and decide. Decide, if I’m right or wrong. Decide, if I’m a bitch or not. Decide, if that dress is too short or not. Decide, if laying in the bed all day makes me a useless person or not. Decide, if I should try to make others happy, or just focus on my own. Decide, if I should hold on, or let go. Decide, if I should open up or pass every such opportunity. Decide, if I should break down, or still try to stay strong. Decide, if I should give up or work harder. Decide, if I should pursue him or not. Decide, if I should hurt them with the truth, or stay quiet. Decide, if I should leave everything and start over, or still find hope. Decide, if I should continue to stay quiet or… Just decide. Please. I’m tired.

Yours and forever yours,


madhavi arora (@madhavi.arora)

via Instagram by @thedigitalsavvy

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